Success Story: Reducing Readmissions After PCI

A blue bar graph shows a reduction in the 30 day Post-PCI unplanned readmission rate.

After PCI, approximately 15% of patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of their procedure. This can have a significant negative impact on patients and health care systems.

BMC2 PCI’s multi-year quality improvement initiative resulted in fewer hospital readmissions after coronary revascularization procedures, improving long-term outcomes for patients and reducing health care costs. Additionally, BMC2 has championed companion initiatives that impact readmission prevention, including appropriate pre-PCI hydration, prescription of guideline-directed medical therapy for patients with heart failure, and implementation of quality improvement measures and incentive goals to drive cardiac rehabilitation utilization.

Since 2017, BMC2’s focus on readmissions has caused a steady decline in readmissions at a rate of more than 1% annually. The impact is estimated at 250 fewer readmissions and a $5.75 million cost savings annually.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Value Partnerships Update shared BMC2’s success in reducing readmissions after PCI procedures in the October 30th article, “Reducing Readmissions After Heart Procedures."